Começo de Vida: Woodcut

They can read, they can imagine.
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Advertising Agency: Z+ Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Manoel Zanzoti
Art Directors: Marcos Magário Filho, Tércio Alves
Copywriter: Zé Ricardo Novoa
Account Director: Anita Souza
Photographer: Felipe Gombossy
Art Buyer: Alice Iamamura


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dont understand the point of the visual

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ok just saw the other ad.
so the people theyre palming are characters in books.
ok yea, this works. not THIS one cus i definitely didnt get that a lumberjack man was a character. but in general, the idea works.

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Yes, braille is written language for the blind. Words are formed by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.

The lumberjack could very well be Paul Bunyan. I see how it could be hard for others to get without his blue ox.

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yes i know what braille is :P
but i think theyre referencing more the insight that blind people palm people's faces to "see" what they look like, to read their expressions, etc.

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not a bad set of ads.

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Too much of a disconnect here.

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