Comcast High-Speed Internet: Blimp

We make big fast.
Gigantic downloads dart through at speeds up to 16 megabits per second.
Introducing Blast! from Comcast High-Speed Internet. It's Comcastic!

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Jamie Barrett, Mark Wenneker
Art director: Dave Muller
Copywriter: Rus Chao
Photographer: Tom Nagy


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If this image was taken at just the right second, this would be reality, not a bent visual.

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he means taken as a moment frozen in time, its nothing more than a photograph of jets surpassing a zepplin.

but in context of the headline, we know thats not the gist of the ad...

its an ok piece in my opinion.

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I like it!

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The claim is that they are making slow things go fast, but if you take a photo of a speeding car as it passes head-to-head with a jogger it doesn't make the jogger any faster. And for me, that devalues the campaign.

And most ads are made up of bent visuals with straight headlines or straight headlines with bent visuals. "We make big fast" is a straight line, and the visual is an attempt at a bend, but not working. And much more often than not, you will find bent visuals and straight lines, more because they transcend language barriors than anything else. Here are some examples.
- bent visual, straight line.
- bent visual, straight line.
- bent copy, straight visual.

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You're spot on. I find that this execution is still the strongest. Elephants are quite fast anyway. For me it's a normal ad. Yes, we're the fastest. Why can't ISP's come up with anything new?

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I think because being fast is the number one thing people care about. I do.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Goodby's work for comcast is generally really, really good.

If you haven't seen the comcast TV commercials for high-speed internet, you should....GREAT.

Especially the "It's a pagoda!" one.

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I agree, I love the agency.

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i think the concept of this are not making slow things go fast, what do you mean by
"this would be reality, not a bent visual." bknowlden
guess it give the concept as usually airplane have slim body with apparently bigger wings
but this one it twist BIG+FAST, big body, but it is as fast as others
all of 3 of this ad put the theme as BIG but FAST, twist the fact tat ppl think BIG must be slow

cool, i like this, but as for execution, this one was fade out abit.
the 1st moment i look at it i thought it is a missile flying together with airplane...a war or something :| it doesn't look like BIG FAT airplane :P

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brandon already explained extensively what he meant, just have a look above ;)

it's not supposed to look like an airplane as it is a zeppelin (and usually, zeppelins are pretty slow)

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i dont know....i kinda wish i didnt see this.
goodby rock.
this doesnt.
but then, opinions are like arseholes. we all have one.

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wow i first read it as "we make big fart" oO

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Yash Vora
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All the smoke trails look similar... plain laziness?

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shouldn't there be a comma after the word 'big' in the headline?

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lol, isn't it interesting how because this is a Goodby ad, people here tend to favor it? if it was done by some crap little agency in Estonia, would people even bother saying semi-decent stuff about it? This campaign is crap. It's nothing more than tying a rocket to a tortoise and saying, "High speed internet".

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good agency. bad ads.

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