Colun light: Jet

Your kid, without sugar.
Colun light

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Francisco Cavada
Art Director: Jorge Muñoz
Copywriter: Fabrizio Baracco
Agency Producer: Constanza Valdes
Account manager: Pablo Gacitua

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What in the world are they saying

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Your kid can do things that take patience and concentration when they aren't hopped up on sugar (drinks).

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This 1/24 F-16 model is very nice.
Well actually people don't use this kind of brush to do the camouflage painting.

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They're saying that if your kid wasn't so hopped on sugary drinks (or anything else, for that matter), he/she would be able to be patient and focussed enough to do things like this that require great care.

It's an okay idea, but the presentation looks too fake. The kids don't look interested in what they're doing, and they're really photoshopped. In the end, I get "You're kid, without sugar, will be complacent and do things he doesn't want to do. Oh, and instead of enjoying the apparently beautiful day it is outside, he'll be inside doing said thing that he doesn't like." I mean, if you'd rather do that over goofing around outside, that's fine, but the way it's presented here is almost creepy.

Might have been nicer to just have him quietly reading a book while eating breakfast in the morning (and drinking the hilariously named Colun). There you get the idea of being relaxed and focused, while not detracting from anything else. It would also look more natural.


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that would make it even more boring than it is dude...let's face it, the only problem with this is that the boys seems uninterested with what they are doing...

concept is ok...

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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a chocolate drink named colun?

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"Your kid, without sugar."

So, my kid will look like he's made of plastic?

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the best thing here is photography and no one even gave credit for the photographer? can't believe it.

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Thanks, Mikolaj I am the photographer.

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hmmm...A chocolate drink called "colun"

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I don't believe the sugar - more focus? I think that even from a medical point of view it's not a true insight.

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Funny series! Great.


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No sugar means that kids won't be so hyperactive. It's simple. Great concept, great execution.

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No sugar means kids wont be hyperactive - a symptom of diabetes... So your kid will behave like a wimp. All of this makes no sense.

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Agarraron la carretera del sol pa llegar a Ciudad empresarial. La media vuelta cabros.
Linda dirección de arte, horrible la idea.

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tú agarraste la carretera del sol para llegar a tu escritorio a escribir dípticos y volantes.

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