Colun light: Bonsai

Your kid, without sugar.
Colun light

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Francisco Cavada
Art Director: Jorge Muñoz
Copywriter: Fabrizio Baracco
Agency Producer: Constanza Valdes
Account manager: Pablo Gacitua


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i dont get it

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Anybody could explain ?

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In my opinion, the non-sugar drink makes the kid become intelligent and he could do the impossible ^^

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Reality Check
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Too much sugar can make a child hyperactive. This campaign demonstrates that Colun light can have the opposite effect on a child's behaviour.

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Bonsai originated in China then 1400 yrs ago it was introduced to Japan.
Actually in these two countries, this miniature art is widely considered to be an entertainment for very old people. At least, it's not the thing for kids.

I'm still not sure abt the ad message of this campaign, maybe Reality Check is right.

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hehehe great :) very funny approach

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It simply means that the kid will be chilled with this drink, and not bouncing off the walls. Trimming a bonsai is a very good way to meditate and be one with your thoughts. I thought the ad was kind of funny.

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Simple really. The less sugar a child has the calmer they are; which translates into them being able to focus their attention on an intricate task.

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Really it's simple. The less sugar in the drink the able the child is to focus on a complex task - it aids their concentration levels! Advertising isn't that difficult - if it is then it's wrong. Maybe what we see so often are discrepancies in cultural understanding.

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sucks like never........
this is typically american way of seiing sugar...
the fact is this is your complete way to eat that you've to change, sugar as nothing to do with it
even if i'm a diabetic, i can absorb any sugar i want, but first i move my ass, and second, i know how and what to eat for doesn't looklike a fat ass

for all that reason that ad sucks.... this is what creatives done 15 years ago in europe...

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Shame it doesn't help you forge an argument, and help with your grammer.

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la media vuelta!!

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I don't want my kid to be boring. He should go out and play soccer. This approach reminds me of the Cannes Grand Prix from 2 years ago (Energizer), except they used this thinking the other (and better) way:

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Elmārs Ārnieks
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it's ok

Life is a joke. Laugh.

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Shajeel Dzyner
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My opinion is what I understand by this ad the bonsai is small tree but grow it's same like a normal tree.
here the agency trying to show that child can drink without sugar.

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is this ad gud enuf to generate so many cmmnts??
I do not thnk so...
Chak de Phatte!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Funny series! Great.


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kids without sugar, act more like grown ups?!

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Over photoshoped.

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Skin tones are a little off here... Strange hue in the yellow/orange channel. Flattened out.

Light looks off...

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i go with what this guy:

Guest | Mon, 2010-07-05 02:18
Simple really. The less sugar a child has the calmer they are; which translates into them being able to focus their attention on an intricate task.

@jponino- maybe you got too much sugar, i can see with your grammar

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Its simple. "Your kid without sugar" basically translates to being dull and boring trimming and caring for the tree when he could be doing things kids his age should be doing

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