Honest Dave's picture
Honest Dave
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Is something lost in translation? 'Cause this this looks like 'For those that can, but don't"

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
834 pencils

Agree...the copy got lost. Honest Dave's got it right. Don't think this visual can work without a line though.

elnietodeNicho's picture
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It works with want for me. Because you want to lost wait, but somehow you can't, as usually happens.
But, I speak spanish as first language, as the guys in Chile. Maybe I'm lost in translation too.
I like the insight.

CUTIEPIE's picture
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You are kind of lost in gender maybe!!! its a very common insight among women that buy a lot of work out stuff but never use it and it end up curled on a corner as a hat holder or something!!! ...Cute!

hufflepoff's picture
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Honest_dave is correct!

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

No line is needed. It's simple and clear with just the product.

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

don't like the copy

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Schirone's picture
98 pencils

i agree, copy is not necessary...and definateIy something has been Iost in trasIation...

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

This is not the first time i see a bike using for hanging clothes in advertising. Keep thinking, Tony Sarroca.

lorenam's picture
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I think the copy is clear. She wants because she bought an exercise bike, but she can't because
she doesn't have the willpower.

Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

I understand very well.
Great ad. The best of the week

tantrik_indian's picture
953 pencils

Something everyone can relate to. :-)

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Imagepro's picture
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Seems like the solution for this woman is to turn the bike around so she can look out the window when she works out. Then maybe she can?
I dont get the basic here.. Is she too fat? Does she have a handicap? Or is she blind? Help me out.... BAD AD if you ask me. It makes me ask questions though, so they did something right..

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

In fact, the ads is WAY BETTER without the line. The visual just says, 'If you eat this yoghurt, you won't need to work out on the bike'. Simple. Clear.

The line is confusing as it stands, and the above comments confirm this assertion. Without a line my guess is that the ad would have a 7-8 rating. (Now it's a 4).


jimmymars's picture
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I find eating yoghurt (which is a low fat product in general btw) no excuse to stop exercising.
And there is no such thing as having no time. You have to make time for exercising.
This ad promotes being lazy. That's not a good thing.

Spoonfeederxxx's picture
641 pencils

Gee, how unexpected...

I never saw that coming...

Next please...

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

no need of copy simple and clear idea


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Ed Rapport
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thanks for being honest dave. the copy should read how you said. They are spinning it like these people have a serious health problem, so instead of using the exercise bike they are eating something that obviously has some type of medication in it to help them stay healthy. me don't like.

Guest's picture

so ture !

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