Columbia: Darts

When you can't see what harms you, it's more dangerous.

Advertising Agency: simple, Chile
Photographer: Gancho
Retoucher: Astro IC

October 2011


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at first I thought Columbia launched a new sunscreen line. Feels like it needs to emphasize on the textile/clothing a bit more. But overall, good ad! hope they have one for sunny/snowy weather.

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I love the copy, the concept and the visual, but I similarly don't have any idea what Columbia sells that protects from the sun. This would DEFINITELY be a better ad for a line of sunscreen.

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I agree: the copy and concept are powerful and true. Also Columbia is actually selling a line of clothing with sunproof technology. If you notice the copy and brand logo's it reads: omni shade with sun protection. Perfect.

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Nike Diesel
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is not the same concept, i don't know if it is a copy

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Nike Diesel
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Visual is too much alike to ignore.
Copy? Always a discussion. But 3M is a pretty big company.
They, the agency involved, should know and try their best to avoid too many similarities.

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done by scotch 3M Cannes winner.

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It is great! but it is better for the product of "sun cream". Anyone to think so ?

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