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If this ad wasn't to be directed toward someone, what's the problem? The ad is obviously trying to sell to a particular type of person - end of story. Why should affect anyone else, who thinks he/she understands the ad?

Malt liquor is cheap, high alcohol beer. Its makers have exploited the lower classes since, at least, the 1980s. And, the liquor industry has honored the exploiters, while the exploited, to whom this ad is directed, have suffered the consequences - increasing rates of pancreatic and liver diseases, beside all sorts of other social problems.

While the current trend is to say it is the "individual's" fault that he drinks, the liquor industry, which includes malt liquor makers, spends more on marketing, advertising and promotion than just about any other industry. So, the implication is the liquor industry must really foolish for spending so much on propaganda, if it is just left up to the individual to make the decision to drink.

What would it be like if there were no liquor advertisements at all? Would the negative impact of alcohol be as great? Would we all adjust to a normal life without any liquor ads? And, is it really a matter of infringement of an individual's "freedom of speech" to disallow a corporation not to advertise? It was only after early 1900s that corporate entities began to equate themselves with individual human rights.


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