Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

Come with a story and leave with another

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3, Colombia
Creative Chairman: Jose Miguel Sokoloff
Creative Director: Gustavo Marioni, Carlos Camacho
Art Directors: Andres Lancheros, Guillermo Siachoque, Sebastian Pelaez
Copywriter: Mario Lagos
Producer: Sonia Llanos
Account Director: Carlos Obando
Published: April 2012


salil.sharma's picture
2278 pencils

very clean & clear ad
Out Standing

anooprp's picture
103 pencils

Genius. Period.

Anoop RP - Copywriter

blyythe's picture
7 pencils

Loved it. It's brilliant. what a dimag!

Alexis-Chellito's picture
111 pencils

it's hard to take your eyes off it - beautiful art

ambareeshashirivaram's picture
105 pencils

cool series and i'm giving

somecopywriter's picture
1100 pencils

Awesomeness personified.

Brainsugar's picture
1586 pencils

This is a remarkable art, if you are an artist. But for creatives, what does this ad means?
You come in the bookstore to buy a book, and you get out with another? WTF?
It seems they had a visual idea and didn't know what to say on it. Then this poor ad.

slothra808's picture
2 pencils

It's for a book EXCHANGE, dingus.

gdgiova's picture
8 pencils

mi piace un casino!!!!

ceronauta's picture
121 pencils

ufffff !!!!

Las ideas

Rule's picture
8 pencils

Great idea. Great art.

moteldemoka's picture
63 pencils

Really cool visuals in these series.

gonndo's picture
1092 pencils

It's awesome!!! But I find three things "kind of strange" in particular:

1. I live in Bogotá and I never saw it here

2. I find strange that Colsubsidio let use their logo the way you people used it

3. I didn't know Colsubsidio have libraries

Nevertheless, the creative resource is great...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

clavelle's picture
54 pencils

This communicates "two stories in one", not one story for another.

KingArt's picture
49 pencils

Realy good idea! I like it's minimalistic style!

nomzam's picture
4 pencils

For me this is an amazing part of mind creating I loved it

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