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I don't think it's a great idea, but it works for the client and it's very well executed, me thinks. It's just that, as people keep saying about most of the campaigns on here, it has been done before. Beautiful photography though!

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mal ta josh, execution all so nice

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not the best woprk ever, but clear... so, it works!.. beautiful art direction

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Akthough I am not native american, would you think that this offends people of that ethnicity? It almost seems like we forced them into this situation a long time ago?

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That body copy is horribly uninspired, but since I can almost make out a nipple on this chick here I'll give it a A-.

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I don't see digital here. All I see are scrap computer parts. Nonetheless, the chick's hot. The idea can be forgiven,then.

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Sex sell's right?

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it is beautiful photography

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nice. good job

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MADE in the USA
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The concept strikes me as a bit silly however It looks to me as if a lot of work went into the delivery of this campaign. The models look great and certainly the photography is good as well.
and yes the woman is hot!
nicely done
mit-u )

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OK ... first of all, LOVING this website! As a student, I'm finding it is really pretty effective in developing critical thinking. I love seeing the more constructive graphic professionals' takes on the ads, but can't the fighting stay at bay?

And here are my thoughts on this ad: It's Austrailia, why are they using the image of a Native AMERICAN woman (let alone using the offensive term squaw)to get across their promotion which is ____ ???

I mean, I get the whole "traditional goes digital" (and I've seen this idea evoked in Powwow regalia much more humorously and effectively), but what are they selling? That Native Americans use technology too? or that partial-nudity gets attention?

She is lovely and all, but I'm not seeing any office equipment.

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Why did they take her nipples out!

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