Yellow - Truck spills 165,000 eggs on highway.
Blue - Experts bet on bird-flu outbreak.

Each insertion (35 total) recieves a unique pairing of current headlines. The subject matter is tailored to the publicaitons and, when known, the editorial content that surrounds the ad.

Advertising Agency: SS+K, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Marty Cooke
Associate Creative Director / AD: Matt Ferrin
Associate Creative Director / CW: Sam Mazur
Senior Account Executive: Amit Nizan
Print Producer: Jeannie O’Toole
Project Manager: Marjorie Sharp

April 2007


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Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils


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OK - this is bad. Also - "Fuller" isn't really a word. Should be "A More Full Spectrum of News" - and then if bits are pulled out, then it's not full (?). Oh. This is reaaalllly bad.

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No fixed abode
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A broader spectrum of news? Sounds better?

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The motion graphic tvc look quite cool tho, even i don't like the colour but i think that's their logo.
by the way. not a very good idea.

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Blogger Bitch
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I have nothing nice to say about this one so I'll just keep quiet.

Rog's picture
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Not quite there for me.
DPS or horizontal layout for 'screen' feel/message
Agree with NFA on wordage.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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wow. who knew SS+K produced such crap

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"spectrum / spectrum geddit??"


Minimum's picture
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This way it seems to me that:

All the colours shown are representing a news item. They pulled out two colours to show what news is beneath them. In other words, they have ALOT to say.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Sorry man I got it, was being sarcastic... 'Get the full spectrum'... bad pun that matches their logo.

Anyway better than most of the stuff we have knock out every day :o)

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andrej dwin
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disagree benno.
it's worse. just because ad people know what pantone spectrums look like and what they represent, it's silly to bet on the TA to get it and enjoy it.

AdArena: Sex Sells

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Disco Munky
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I thought the nbc logo was a peacock?

The ad is ok. I get what it's saying. That it covers new from everywhere and everything pretty much but the visual isn't quite there.


.........Henry. Jones. Junior!........I like Indiana....... We named the dog Indiana

Doin' it for the points

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roger kint
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'fuller' is a word, bubbles

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andrej – true, I should rephrase that.

'Better than most of the stuff I have to knock out every day at my current place of employment'.

Better? :o)

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This reminds me of the ads in my dads old national geographics from the60s/70s.

It works fine for me, but it is a bit boring.

Heck I don't mind it.



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