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love the illustration...:)

....>>>i loooove advertising:)

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Not sure the choice of this one is right.
I looooOOooOooove the illustrations, but I'm still wondering…
Is this an ad for a Deluxe food for birds?
So, is it representing rich people? Can you consider Nazis as a common reference for rich people?
Aaaaah… I don't know…

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Pacific Blue
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This Uniform is pre-Third Reich.
Circa the first World War.
Nazis wore grey uniforms not green.

Read any Sven Hassel novel, and you'll find the differences...

Someone (a girl ) found this ilustrations in internet and thougth "For what brand can it be used? Audi? Bosch? Bingo! Pet food!!!!"
I heard the story before they launched this campaign, I knew the ilustrations also,I was curious about the text line, typo and pack shoot.

Great work, seriously, great work.

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If this is story is true, definitely the real one who got this lion is the illustrator, not the agency.

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i think its true, because i saw these illustrations 4-5 years ago. i really like the illustration. the most famous of the three is the old lady. she was shown in a lot of magazines and websites.

its a shame that such a kind of campaign with readymade illustrations can get a lion.


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Pacific Blue
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C'mon guys! Don't be like this. :P

They found lovely illustrations and turned them into a funny, lovely, flawles, eye-catching campaign for pets food.
So what?! It happened before, and it will happen tomorrow, (specially with nice pictures and famous illustrators)
I think is very smart and deserves the award.
And don't forget the illustrator got recognized too.

Well, thas was my humble and falible opinion.

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yes this work alone without the backgroundknowledge is great. no question. but its not taking great illustration add a new thinking and make an wonderfull ad. its taking a readymade illustration with a great thinking and doing nothing more. ok, ok logoplacement and solid line ...

but i know what you mean. so i will delete my brain~~~~bsssZZZZRRRRRRRZZZZZsssBB~~~~~krz~~~ oh wonderfull advertising ;-)

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they look like birds.

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and requiring aristocrats. that's the point.

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Let's go back to the basics: is this bird food intended for domestic birds, or any bird you can imagine? I understand a parrot, a canary, a mocking bird, but an owl? An eagle? You could draw a griffin and it would still make sense?

Nice illustrations, not in love with the concept.


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Está buenísimo. Bien pensado y muy bien ilustrado. Enhorabuena.

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