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I don't know if there's a benefit in this campaing. I don't want my teeth to be scratched, shooted or hited. Obviously it's an exaggeration but i still don't know.
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It's so easy to critic.

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the fighting part i get because it is the only one stressed by the exaggeration but i don't see the flexible part. there's nothing stressing that out. not so good actually

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Exactly and this ad seem like it was done in the 80s

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yeha, bred art directión, bored photo


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Very weak connection. Besides - does anyone still sell toothbrushes looking like this?

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That's what I was wondering. Perhaps in India?

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Chico Ribeiro
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Bad concept, bad art direction, bad campaign.

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Can trace thinking too easily, back to cannes granprix for tide.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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mucha gente aqui no aprecia ni sabe del porque de las campañas publicadas, unas son buenas, otras son malas, pero aqui hay gente que solo se dedica a criticar sin argumento alguno. los inmaduritos y guevones, deberian aprender un poco más y criticar despues. Un sabio no es el que sabe hablar, es el que sabe escuchar.


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El porqué de una campaña siempre es y será el mismo: VENDER EL PRODUCTO. Si nos alejamos de ese principio, aunque sea sólo un poco, la publicidad dejará de tener sentido. En cuanto a lo de que la gente critica por criticar sigo sin estar de acuerdo contigo. A ver, a todos hay cosas que nos gustan o no muchas veces sin saber el porqué de la misma forma que existen cosas que no sabemos si nos acaban de gustar o no. Este mundo es muy subjetivo y los únicos que lo valoran somos nostros mismos, para bien o para mal.
De todas formas esta sigue siendo mi subjetiva opinión y me podré estar o no equivocando.
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It's so easy to critic.

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Concordo com o kaceres, muita gente aqui critica só por criticar. Tudo bem destacar um ponto ou outro que não gostou, mas algumas pessoas simplesmente parecem ignorar sobre o que é o anúncio antes de falar mal. Os comentários nos anúncios sobre disfunção erétil mostram isso.

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Not good!

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a lot of bad ads coming from india these days

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go india.......hehe

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One for the kids?!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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What about one with Stormtroopers?

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Its the same TIDE stuff! Fighting against Mayonnaise, Ketchup.... remember the Cannes winner?


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I think the idea's fine, and the art direction is nice, but... if I had a brief for a "superflexible" toothbrush, I'd be a lot more interested in that benefit rather than one that any other toothbrush can claim.

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Hackneyed concept in America. Maybe new enough to play in Bangalore.

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Yes, Tide.

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yaaaa its very nice thinking

all the best ....

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