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Mick Fly
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Big yes!

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Tommy G.
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That's well done, we can see the little hole when the seed is removed. just perfect.
I'm not sure about the seed on the ground. They are floating over. Some more shadow+reflection would be better.

Good job overall.

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This one is great too.

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Hmmm not as clear as the kiwi one. The concept is still there though.


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i think its gonna win something...

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advertising ninja
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agreed. its quite damn great way to show product benefit.

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great concept

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I love it.

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Tight concept, brought to life beautifully. Props to the team.

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Don't know, it's a great exercise, but it doesn't really make me want to go and buy Colgate dental floss... it's just cute and kinda clever, but not really compelling IMHO.

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Good concept

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Just when you thought there weren't any more good dental floss ads :P


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Mick Fly
Activity Score 149

Big yes!