Colgate: Hunter

Brushing for 2 minutes will be healthy for everyone.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Sarroca
Executive Creative Director LatAM: Guillermo Vega
Creative Directors: Icaro Doria, Menno Kluin
Art Director: Alexander Nowak
Copywriter: Feliks Richter
Art Buyer: Helen O’Neill
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev
Typographer: Jessica Hische
Retoucher: Raul Pardo

March 2010


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Nice since it is Colgate. But, the copy could have been better.

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missing the link

=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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thedesignaddict's picture
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Um, toothpaste is the hero for everyone; Man & dog get clean teeth, and the rabbit has 2 minutes to get away from being hunted.

Pretty simple connection.

Adaddicted's picture
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Detects more than 16 faces ; )


Dzsoi's picture
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I think the copy is perfect for the concept which is funny but a bit off-topic.

talkingisfree's picture
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Art direction is just awesome in these three, but the concep seems a little bit poor to me.

thedesignaddict's picture
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Really nice work. Great illustrations.

Simple and entertaining.

Molecule's picture
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the copy should say IS healthy for everyone, not will be healthy for everyone.

atb2005's picture
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There's no big difference between saying "IS healthy" and "WILL be healthy". Both are acceptable. The art direction is very good, and so is the concept or approach. Keep in mind that we are talking about toothpaste here. What I mean is that there's not that many great ways to advertise toothpaste, and we've seen them all. I like the "look" or "feel" of this campaign. It's new, refreshing, humorous, and sort of dreamy. Good job!

Dzsoi's picture
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Agree 99%, but creativity is endless, I bet (or hope) we will find new ways to promote toothpastes and don't have to go too far from the issue to create something new.

Adaddicted's picture
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"...healthy for everyone" that's the punch I believe!


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i like it!

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