Colgate 360 Sonic Power: Brushes, 2

333 strokes per second. Colgate 360 Sonic Power.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Creatives: Shahir Zag, Komal Bedi Sohal
Photographer: James Day
Senior Account Director: Nadine Ghossoub
Retoucher: Core Digital, London


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These are most nice, as long as the viewers can quickly observe those are toothbrushes.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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advertising ninja
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its awesome. the simpleness rocks..
but its a one shot, not a campaign..

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333 strokes per second!!! Can someone please explain.


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tooth brush that can sing.. lol. idk how, but it makes some periodic noise and the sound waves are the invisible strokes. also it may cause temporary memory loss due to waves that pound your unawakened brain. it's also good for repelling dogs.

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Its a battery operated toothbrush, with vibrating action.


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Phil Lestino
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333 strokes per second. Colgate 360 Sonic Power. shame they couldnt make it do 360 strokes a second or maybe it ought to be called colgate 333..............just thinking.

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Wow, so this is Dubai fashion nowadays! Awesome, a fifties revival. Idea is a bit funny though.

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Very nice concept, horrible pajama. But when will ad agencies get that a same visual repeated 3 times does not make a campaign?
A campaign is an idea that can extend, not 3 visuals but with a different person each time.

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not a campaign but nice analogy

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ahahah love it

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Funny visuals.

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This is fab! Love it - hi xcreative heheh

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