Coleman Sleeping Bags: Mountain

Advertising Agency: Y&R Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Jaime Mandelbaum
Copywriter: Martina Vesela
Art Director: Atila Martins
Head of Art: Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Retoucher: Furia
Illustrator: Marek Motalik
Published: May 2012


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Fernando Fernandes
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Pra um saco de dormirtodo lugar é um bom hotel!

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Great execution! Assuming these ads are targeted to the middle of the road outdoors person I think they are a home run. The hard core enthusiast may be turned off by the commercial intrusion but they probably aren't buying coleman anyway.

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Nike Diesel
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Killer campaign!

gonndo's picture
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Really great thinking guys. Kudos to all of you...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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Oh hey, it's my student ad:

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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First idea...

pierrelastname's picture
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done the same with the BAR/BEER IDEA.

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Back in naaam we where taught to sleep anywhere. We where taught to make beds out of rocks and urine. Nothing more than leaves and grenades to comfort our broken bodies. Nowadays we have things like sleeping bags and latex beds that hug your body. Man back in my day having less than 5 thorns sticking into the back of your neck was called Glamping. I'd would sleep in holes. A perfectly formed, full length hole. Hole-ling. The first form of planking®. My mate Jimmy was the hole-ling champion. He could hole anywhere. Day or night. On our side of the line or theirs. He always pushed the limits. lived on the edge. He was a innovator, just like this ad. A brinksmen. I can see him now, lying in the hole face down. Stiff as a plank. R.I.P.

The ground in this picture actually looks quite inviting. Not only because it's not at 90 degrees and filled with blood and guts. But because of the big Neon sign. You know those signs that say Motel this way. Hotel that way. Not sure which one seems more appropriate. I guess it depends what class of hooker you have with you. Not to sure what the hooker trade is on top of a mountain. MMMMMMMM HOOKERS, DRUGS, SEX......! But not only does it say pleasure but it also says luxury, sophistication and comfort. And I guess that’s what you want when you're all the way up a mountain with a hooker.

And the other really cool thing is that you can do it anywhere you like. The moment hits you ..and BAM! Instant Hotel. LOVE IT! And drugs and hookers.

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love it.

Agamenon's picture
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Love it.(2)

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Fucking Amazing!

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