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Okay so the idea is done to death, but the AD is beautiful. I've seen so much lame ass AD on this site recently. McCann Kenya shows the light-weights how it's done.

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I'll try to be more selective...

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different yes. from places i never knew advertising networks existed also(I'll pop in mccann kenya to see their work for example). some brilliant, some not but what I have seen is that there's always something interesting in all the ads seen in the frontpage that generate discussion for sure and that's vibrant. If it was the archive, i already subscribe thanx. Lame ass ads... i wouldn't rush in such characterisations...

This ad for exmple... Notice how fresh execution, nice photography and even a nice packshot can make a cliche feel different.

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oh comen on!

okay it is kenyas first campaign on aotw, but hey! nice photography, fresh execution? and nice packshot? i know it is a staged situation, but still u could make it less staged. take a bit of happy joy joy out put alittle bit more humour in it. backgrounds hardcore photoshopped and packshot is all so "designy". COME ON!!

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staged to achieve what?
this is a personal voice here and why exactly would i need to stage anything?
anyways. thing is I like exposure to work from around the world and do not insist on everything being 10/10 here. OOps i have to go and stage a comment in the archive section... laters

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calm down. no need to take anything personally. but i just think its neither fresh nor that it "makes a cliche feel dfferent". its just plain mediocre, idea- and executionwise.

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i agree i like being able to compare good and bad work from all over the world and thats what this site is about, and whats wrong with a "designy" package shot? it looks cool.

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“Come here baby. I got something for you.........a brand new hair cut!!!“

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light products for african countries... how ironic!

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light products for african countries? what do you mean?

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not everyone in africa is starving chinaski...light products are doing well in urban areas...

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"light products from african countries..." Is it just me or is one chinaski another ignorant fool gone online

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