Coimbra Door Closers: Thief

A slit can ruin your life.
Coimbra Door Closers

Advertising Agency: Dim`Canzian`Facci, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guilherme Facci, Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Art Director: Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Copywriter: Guilherme Facci
Photographer: Eduardo Fragata


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Having a harder time telling what this one shows. Maybe two slits would ruin their life.

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Victor Arellano
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she's stealing

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icyheart's picture
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Don't get it, which one is worse? To be caught or not to be caught? Who is the target group?

esia's picture
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This one doesnt work. It´s here life. So what is she doing here? Stealing from hereself? Of course you can argue shes stealing from here husband, but thats a too long slippery way too go.
The other two works pretty well.

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well it's not obvious what she's doing ! you've read thief above and you understood after ! then it's not successful sorry !

adryha's picture
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I tought she was going to hang herself with a rope... got to that tought after watching the other two.

The graphic idea is good, I just don't believe this is the best solution... Whose life is being ruined by the slit??? The buyer/owner of jewelery or the maid/thief?

sushantd's picture
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I agree with icyheart. This one doesn't work! At least for me! But a good campaign! (except this one)

ace85le's picture
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Well I think it's great execution, provided the media space is large enough for people to really see what's going on behind the slit.


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