Coimbra Door Closers: Crossdressing

A slit can ruin your life.
Coimbra Door Closers

Advertising Agency: Dim`Canzian`Facci, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guilherme Facci, Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Art Director: Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Copywriter: Guilherme Facci
Photographer: Eduardo Fragata


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Why does this ad look 100% like the Oral-B Dental Floss Ad? Check it out!

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Can't seem to reply with a link. They're blocking it. Just check out Oral-B Dental Floss: Chicken. The agency is Publicis Brasil Sao Paolo--same location as the agency who made this one. Weird coincidence..

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This visual has been used in many other ads too. But the visual isnt the idea and the idea is what matters.

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Thanks for the link. Way too similar. That said, I like this version better.

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Prasad Weerasekara
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Ha ha ha..... Yj ok ok.... But i like this campaign..

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m_le chevallier
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Heu... I can't see what's going on behind the slit...

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my point exactly! A little extra width wouldnt have hurt.

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What I like the most it’s the visual of the product

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Well I think it's great execution, provided the media space is large enough for people to really see what's going on behind the slit.


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