Coimbra: Cocaine

A slit can ruin your life.
Coimbra Door Closers

Advertising Agency: Dim`Canzian`Facci, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guilherme Facci, Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Art Director: Michele Dim D' Ippolito
Copywriter: Guilherme Facci
Photographer: Eduardo Fragata

April 2011


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Nice way to tap into a powerful truth.

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Very nice idea but used in a very bad way (the door closer mustn't be a tool to hide bad actions).

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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This campaign might have worked if the slit was a bit wider. It doesn't become immediately obvious what everyone's doing, at least not in the "thief" ad and to some extent in the "cross dresser" ad. Also, in this particular example the unintentional message, I guess, is get a door closer so that your door shuts and you can snort coke all day long, without being disturbed.. Wtf?

luispiter's picture
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me gusta la idea, pero el diseño no es nuevo, hubo una pieza que gano cannes para una hilo dental

Floristo's picture
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Recurso gráfico muuuuuuuy utilizado. De todas maneras la idea es buena.

ace85le's picture
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Well I think it's great execution, provided the media space is large enough for people to really see what's going on behind the slit.


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