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italian advertising...

I will never get it...

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huh! wat a cheap representation of a fine copy...well,except am not geting it right.

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Come on, it's not that bad, I like it, it gets the point across.

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nice one!!
good insight

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They could have done something much better with that concept.

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italians are known for their good perfumes, nice fashion and ugly advertising insights

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I am Italian. Italian advertising has a very bad reputation. As it should.

It is a very small industry in Italy, It is incestuous and very afraid of newcomers and new thinkers.
Hopefully the Ad industry in Italy will one day open its doors and stop hiding from the rest of the world,
Imagine. If the advertising were as good as the design in Italy. It's impossible why it is NOT.

I agree with Brain123.
This could have gone further in a creative way that would
benefit a great brand like VW.

I think the ad above is trying too hard.

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too bad for volk ad

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Well guys. Vichy Gitto(Creative Director) is one of the best guys I ever talked . Besides the fact it be a good concept, it´s a day-by day working with good job done. WV have rules for their layouts and etc. The car main caracteristics is there, the car´s (driver) behaviour is there. It´s good see day "normal" working here.

Keep going Vichy..

Ps:Have you guys seein the last WV campaing at archive magazine?(their passat campaign)have you guys notice the last Archive´s Cover?(Italians in paris,Givanni settesoldi and Luisandro del Gobbo) So..please. The Italians are not that bad.

Ps: I´m Not italian.

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OK. I can get it, if i have a "douche" and Bob Marley song on background.

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