Coca-Cola: Hopenhagen, 3

Coca-Cola a bottle of hope.
Let's recycle every bottle. Let's make the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen a success. Let's turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen. Learn about our water conservation projects and join the movement at

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, New York, USA
Worldwide Creative Director: Tham Khai Meng
Executive Creative Director: Tom Godici / Greg Ketchum
Associate Creative Director: Greg Gerstner
Senior Art Director: Justin Walsh
Illustration: Andrew Bannecker
Production: Rachel Fuller/Michael Piscatelli

January, 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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I don´t really see Coca Cola as a green band at all. Don´t think this will really get the desired effect.

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chris myles
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yh I agree with you, coke is not all about green !!! maybe they try it make it that way, dont know
if it will succeed.

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I worked for Coca-Cola in the past. I've seen it from the inside. They do way more than the average company to protect the environment. They are very responsible. This campaign isn't just hypocrisy.

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its gr8t drink in the world

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