Fusion, Cold Fusion

February 2010

Cold Fusion – For those who need chemistry to make it through physics
At times staying awake during class can seem next to impossible. With over a coffee cup’s worth of caffeine, Blak’s fusion of coffee and Coke has the spark you need to ignite your day. Coke Blak: the intelligent answer to a difficult morning.

Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Ryan smith
Photographer: Joseph Victor Stefanchik (

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anHiiieeta's picture
Activity Score 328

that dripping coke is looking pathetic. the idea is nice though.

Spoonfeederxxx's picture
Activity Score 641

Another wasted 2 seconds...

raghavendra's picture
Activity Score 232

i really like the thought behind the campaign. chemistry linked with evolution, nice.
for a student, good work...keep refinin'

austinblack's picture
Activity Score 10

I think this is considered a hate crime. You obviously went and attacked an unsuspecting gay with coke for your terrible ad.

Danbreezy's picture
Activity Score 57

this is a weak ad. the fact that i have to read the small print paragraph of a copy to get what this product even is and still not see the correlation with your image and your copy is not a good sign. The idea isn't bad, but maybe not for coke.