Coca-Cola Blak: Would

Advertising Agency: Marcel Paris, France
Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Frederic Temin
Copywriter: Eric Jannon
Art Director: Dimitri Guerassimov


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Very nice approach. Maybe a little bit complicated but I think it's good to take the consumer and the recipient of an ad serious and to challange them.


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seen it in cannes shortlists, good copy and nice angle to me
Does the product exist in US?

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••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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Nice work.Love it.

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very good. keep it up.

Today I have seen Lao-tzu and can only compare him to the dragon.

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I very much want to like these. But I can't get over the fact that they are for Coke. And I'm sorry, but no soda ever helped anyone achieve anything.

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Charles Manson? Stalin? Pablo Escobar?...Really? These are people Coke is putting on the same playing field as these other great historic figures. Aspire to your dream to become psychotic murderers? Am I missing something here?

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This is the best one of the all of them


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Neil Levy
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to me, it's a little confusing. coke has a lot of caffeine in it to begin with so by drinking it i'm already awake. does drinking coke black mean i'll be even more awake? it sorta feels like a long walk.

cool though that you tried a different approach. because it certainly doesn't feel like a coke ad and i'm pretty sure that's a good thing since it captured my attention.

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first i would be louie anderson.
and when i would have been louie anderson
i would be rosanne
and when i would have been rosanne
i would be a pregnant manatee
and when i was a pregnant manatee
i would get diabetes

its coke with coffee! thats like having twinkies filled with ding-dongs.
there's nothing dream achieving about this crap.

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Pablo Escobar? he´s nobody we Colombians feel proud of. The rest of the lines are cool.
Better be carefull with the "celebrtities" you choose.

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this is pretty bad.

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i love the way the art brings out the dreamimg. very nice

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one of the best.



nice lines.. really make me wake up..

gr8 job!

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Copy at work.
Loved the logo!

it's all in the head!!!

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is this just a case of bad translation?
the art direction is really lazy.

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