Coca-Cola: Apni pechaan

Celebrating our identity on the Coke side of life.

Truck art has its origins from the region. The idea was to promote local culture so that general masses can relate to the value of coke.

Advertising Agency: Soho Square, Lahore, Pakistan
Creative Director: Madeeha Noor
Art Director / Illustrator: Raheel Faraz
Copywriters: Fatima, Amna, Sha
Published: June 2008


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And the idea??

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no idea, only branding

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Its cool but looks like one of a BaBillion vector arts you can buy on Not saying that this is one obviously but it does look similar. What is Apni Pehchaan anyways, the Olympics?

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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Crisp One
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Coke likes Muslims too....BUY A COKE!

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chintan ruparel
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id give full marks to this. lovely branding activity especially in a country like pakistan! im taken aback.

i always wondered wen wud our neighbours get into advertising mode full-swing, coz they wer never there in the award circuits, on aotw or anywhere else...and im glad that work like this is starting to happen there (or atleast being featured here).

a big step for Pakistan. Good going guys...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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jai hind
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i second that chintan, its really a surprise that they've come something good like this, nice art although it lacks of idea.

even then thumbs up to the art

jai hind
art director

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True...its the PAK side of life!


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jai hind
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me too in bahrain, my number is 36621683

jai hind
art director

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Thanx Chintan... I know we are really far behind... but true its a step....

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Good work Raheel.

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Com'on ...
No need to be pretentious. In fact, they've been doing a pretty impressive work for a very long time there; almost for as long (if not longer than) their 'neighbours'. ;)

Check out Mobilink advertisements for example:

Or, those from Telenor Pakistan:

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Hi Chitan,

Rightly said, it wasn't being featured on any platform but can you imagine a country like Pakistan without advertising ;)

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Good work! we need to build our own identity through art and design its a first little step………

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simply beautiful......... and nice art

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mansoor khan
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an outstanding effort,
very communicative
simply the best... keep it up guys!

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Tight art direction.

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nice artwork...very pakistani indeed

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Aaqib Shah
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gr8 work yaar................

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Fahad Naveed


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lucky 143 only 2009 23/3.1989

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truely PAK art,,,,,,,"Well done",,,,,,,,
i think its a good start from our side in Print media.

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