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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I think, if I remember correctly, that an Agency in NZ did the same idea axactly a year ago (or near enough). I think it was EXACTLY THE SAME. SHAME!!! I also know, so why I'm I pretending I don't know, Campaign Brief noted this fact. Double shame! PRICKS, for all those that approved the idea.

Anyway I wonder if the people (obviously account handlers) knew (obviously not) the idea behind the concept. Only account handlers (trying to make it in the industry) would agree to such a concept, as I don't think creatives would sell themselves short as shown. If they would then… PRICKS! But my judgement suggests receptionists and account handlers used here. Inexperienced ones at that. It's pratically Racist!

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AWARD Shool grads - thanks for the $2000 - YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED!

yep, another serve in a series of crapola

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