December 2009

Conterfeiting finances organized crime.
It's in the terrorists' utmost interest for you to buy counterfeit products.

Advertising agency: DraftFCB, Paris, France
Creative director: Xavier Beauregard
Art director: Sebastien Zanini
Copywriter: Pierre-marie Faussurier
Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf

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Same thing...but i still prefer ironic comment, it's shorter. :)

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Hillarious! Tender terrorists!!


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i still can't get it clearly...
what's the difference between a soldier and a terrorist? why an army is good (with bigger killing force) when terrorist groups are bad (with limited force)... is this thing related to control? whatever... the brief provided to the agency is arguable...

the idea is good in accordance with the brief. and the illustrations are fine too. More fake products, more nice looking, clean terrorists :)))

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i think it is more related to exploding in a trainstation to kill civilians or something like

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One of the more pathetic comments I've seen on here...

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I know it's not as clear-cut as watching an old western with the good guys wearing white hats & bad guys wearing black hats ... actually, yeah it is.) Terrorists target innocent civilians. Standing armies target other armies (and terrorists). Allow me to illustrate my point with two scenarios:

1.) Those two women who blew themselves up today killing thirty innocent civilians in Moscow today: terrorists.

2.) Go to a dive bar near any Army base & have a couple of drinks. The worst that will happen is you'll be asked your number. Go to Afghanistan & walk down the street in the same outfit you wore to the bar & you'll be lucky to make it 3 blocks with your head still on your shoulders.

Really, how is that a confusing concept?

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Same thing...but i still prefer ironic comment, it's shorter. :)

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something easy was made very complicated. i'd change the copy.
good concept tho

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the copy is so complex and makes a simple idea almost not comprehensible.
so terrorists want us to buy fakes? and we have the second idea with finances...
nope, i jump off... dont get it. too many ideas in one.
i know what they mean... maybe its the french translation... they should fix it!

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Clear and simple. Nice art direction.

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No, niet, nein and NON!

This is just wrong.

What happened to "the cloth doesn't make the monk"? A Kalashnikov, a beard and a brown skin don't necessarily make a "terrorist". This is highly offensive and dumb. And what kind of terrorist are they talking about here? Palestinian? Iraqi? Afghan? Lebanese? Syrian? The term here is too vague and terrorism is a too complex matter to be poorly summarized like this.

I had the chance to work for 3 years at JWT Afghanistan (yes, it did exist but doesn't anymore...) and I don't really see the link between counterfeit goods and terrorism. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the anti coalition and government forces, talebans and other kinds of insurgents, are financed principally by the drug trafficking. 87% of the world opium production comes from Afghanistan. Buying pot IS in the "terrorists' utmost interest". I don't know how it goes for the other regions pictured in the other ads, but linking counterfeiting to middle-eastern and central asian terrorism is too big a stretch.

Creatively speaking, I think that using terrorism here is just bad opportunism. The copy reads "organized crime", so stick to gangsters, mobsters and street thugs for the visual.

I'd expect this kind of ad from a small Texan agency, not from a great one like DraftFCB Paris.

Dommage, les gars =)

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very well said.


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Nicely said! I love your comments. It's so nice to read something other than just "nice art", "copy is bad", etc. You provided some useful information. I too was thinking (and I mentioned this in my comments for one of the other ads) that this campaign is perhaps a little forced or exaggerated. Are terrorist really the biggest source or producer of counterfeit goods? I am not saying they don't do that. They sure do. The copy just says something about film piracy. What about online piracy? People sharing movies/music online.

It's funny that all ads show goods that might as well be designer goods (fragrance, watch (Rolex?), sneakers). I get it. The luxury industry, which is hurting real bad right now, is the biggest supporter of this campaign (no wonder it came out of Paris).

I think what's happening is that many industries (especially the luxury industry) are seeing that nothing else pretty much works so why not resort to guilt as well as fear mongering (how can you sleep at night, knowing you support all those crazed underwear bombers by purchasing cheap knock offs?) And, of course, terrorism is a hot issue now, so it makes sense to exploit it. You said it best: bad opportunism. It's true they could have shown gangsters, mobsters, etc but the knowledge that they engage in counterfeiting too won't elicit the same strong reaction as the knowledge that terrorists do.

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Thanks, mon ami.

"little forced and exaggerated" is an understatement.

And you're right, the whole fear mongering thing makes this ad suck even more.

Soon, they'll say that to download the last 30 Rock episode is to give Bin Laden a hand job...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Phil Lestino
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Ya, tak, oui, YES.

A Kalashnikov, a beard and a brown skin don't necessarily make a "terrorist but You knew it was a it works.

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A bérêt, clogs and a baguette don't necessarily make a Frenchman.

A bowler hat, a monocle and a cup of tea don't make necessarily an Englishman.

A stetson, boots and a gun don't necessarily make a redneck.

And so on...

These are just clichés. And clichés in advertising are baaaad. And anywhere else too.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Phil Lestino
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but you are so good at them........LOL

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hard to digest that terrorists do these counterfeit. my experience says that counterfeits are unorganized sectors making low investment products reaping the benefits of some strong brand in some small locality. You can say counterfeit producers are bad but labelling them as 'terrorist' is highly misleading propaganda until and unless substantiated by evidence.


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What if they put a counterfeit watch on a bomb as the timer? I think that would make a stronger impact. But then again that's just my opinion.

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