CNAC (National Anti-Counterfeit Committee): Shoes

Conterfeiting finances organized crime.
It's in the terrorists' utmost interest for you to buy counterfeit products.

Advertising agency: DraftFCB, Paris, France
Creative director: Xavier Beauregard
Art director: Sebastien Zanini
Copywriter: Pierre-marie Faussurier
Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf
Published: December 2009


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Cobbler turned terrorist!!!


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art one
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I can't understand the notion of the committee... Do they really believe a brand addict would go and buy fake lacoste or a folex??? The thread is (i believe) they don't want people to see the product can be sold 1/100 of the genuine product..

anyways... this is good for the given thought.

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too complicated in my opinion

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It's quite a funny picture but I still dont think there is a clear n strong connection between counterfeit products n terrorists. For me it's also a bit like a forced idea.

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Idea is clearly articulated. Simple to understand and nicely art directed.

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best one

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Phil Lestino
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I like the charicatures in these ads..........

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Love the campaign. well-done

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