CNAC (National Anti-Counterfeit Committee): Perfume

Conterfeiting finances organized crime.
It's in the terrorists' utmost interest for you to buy counterfeit products.

Advertising agency: DraftFCB, Paris, France
Creative director: Xavier Beauregard
Art director: Sebastien Zanini
Copywriter: Pierre-marie Faussurier
Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf
Published: December 2009


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"There's an angel in every terrorist"
Funny bunch!


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funny. but not effective!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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How so? Please explain.

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i like the campaign. (not supporting the CNAC's thinking though)

Using the terrorists for "casting" is a good idea. However does it also makes the "terrorism" looks a little cute for an unintended purpose?

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it could have been a good campaign

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Ok, I'll bite; explain.

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Great campaign. I only wish the images showed a little more variety.

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R U serious
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I think there's way too much copy for such an obvious image.

Say my name, say my name...

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I think this might as well be a stunt. I am not saying that counterfeiting does not support organized crime, but it's still a little "forced". Reading this, one would think that terrorist groups are the only people, profiting from counterfeiting. They are overplaying, in a way, the guilty conscious factor here; you buy a counterfeit product, you support the bad guys! Is this going to work? Nope. People would continue to buy cheap knock offs.

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I really like the concept, maybe the art direction is too funny to take it seriously.

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Phil Lestino
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It's just an ad guys........

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a bit complicated but nice

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like the other two better

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my only question all three ads

how many time you know BEFORE BUYING, that the product you are buying is COUNTERFEITED


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