CNA stores: Adolf Dean

Whether it's a documentary on a dictator you can't forget or a rebel you'll never want to, we've got it.

Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Jhb, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Warsop
Creative Director: Thomas Cullinan
Art Director: Dana Cohen
Copywriter: Shane Durrant, PJ Eales
Illustrator: Wayne Troskie
Published: April 2009

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can we stop using hitler in ads? c'mon people. enough already.

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I agree - stop using mass murderer in ads, he don't deserve it!!! Respect his victims, some of them are still alive.. We all are his victims in some way..


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Honest Dave
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Couldn't agree more. Stop using Hateler to sell your garbage.

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Ignoring history won't change it. Making new taboos is not showing respect to anybody. And no, mikeelrapido, you are not Hitler's victim don't be demagogic.

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A bit 1990.

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A stranger abroad
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Yes, I think that's when morphing was soooo... fashionable it was the answer to everything. And when a British Newspaper won big with 'Chuck and Di', which blended their faces into one. It was a big winner at the time. Same idea, a lot earlier, more relevant, and better done.

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I like the campaign. It sure is kinda oldschool, but it certainly makes a point and has - surprise - good headlines and not just another oh so clever tagline next to the product. So shut you goddamn advertising students and do better.

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A stranger abroad
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I am just wondering what exalted position you hold in the universe to tell other people to 'shut up'? Just curious.

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Seems they still care less about discrimination in South Africa.

So a big NO.

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not a revolutionary concept of merging two differnt corner figures but a good one to convey message of wide coverage of topic. excellent Art Direction. however, the series can go without the hitler or a few other figures, i presume.


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"Seems they still care less about discrimination in South Africa."

Seems most of the people on here are extremely narrow-minded. Not to mention unable to grasp the definition of the word "discrimination".

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another freakin' hitler ad? it's a cop-out. think beyond, folks. and what's with the copy???

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