Club NME Paris: A British Party in Paris, 1

We wanted to convey the idea that Club NME Paris is importing from the UK a new vision of partying, a cultural and yet easy-to-assimilate process. We pictured a British person "lost in translation" between Paris and London, trying to act Parisian, to learn French etc... to show that music (and therefore Club NME) is a lot easier to export than everyday customs or habits! The visuals were used both as press ads and as flyers.

Advertising Agency: Rosbeef!, Paris, France
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Frans McCabe, Antoine David

September 2008


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If I didn't read the explanation or rationale behind this campaign, I would have never been able to figure it out. How on earth is one supposed to conclude that here we have a British person, "lost in translation", trying to act Parisian? I take it the guy in those images is the British person?

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Very simple visual solution.

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Is that jello??

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