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Not working.
Too heavy handed.
And... a mine field with telegraph poles in the back ground?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Ad for stupid people! Anyway, English won't save their life because they can't dechip the pictorial Skeletal head icon at all. Weak ad, weak ad!

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Why does the logo have that imperialistic feel to it (an inside joke, maybe)? This is extremely heavy-handed. Could work if it was a cartoon-like campaign with a "fun" feel to it. And fun this is not.

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This reminds of the joke about challenger space ship.
What were the last words of the only woman on that ship
"Hmmm. what does this button do?"


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me thinks
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With that skull sign on any damn fool would understand the dangers without even reading a single word.

But, hey I like the idea.

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Dick Huges
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You dont need to read to understand a sign with a pirate skull. Actually, why is there a pirate skull there?

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here in Mexico i saw a campain with the same idea to the same service, with a similar copy. The layout have a traffic ligth post in red that says "dont walk" blah blah blah.
And in bot cases have the same problem, they are using signals, signals can be undesrtood without words.

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strategically and logically, it's a little off. but it works as a concept in a student book.

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looks like these were a ripoff of a campaign for berlitz language school

http://zero-zed.blogspot.com/ scroll down towards the bottom

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