Clorox: Germs

On the occasion of World Health Day, we commit ourselves to liberating our world from the germs that are everywhere. Clorox. Cleaner world. Healthier lives.

Advertising Agency: TD&A DDB, Sharjah, UAE
Creative Director: Adham Obeid
Art Director: Santosh Telkhede
Copywriter: Kishore Babu
Illustrator: Santosh Telkhede
Senior Account Manager: Krishnakumar GP
Published: April 2007


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Charley Xie
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germs Germs, or aka people?

... its already been done...

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Sad. Reminds me of the sixties.

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Why are they (mostly) saying exactly the same thing? lazy writing...

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i guess this one just doesn't translate?

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the cd on this campaign is brilliant.
this ad, unfortunately, isnt.
agreed. idea is ok, but copy is lazy.
and the line of copy from clorox sounds like its written personally for the queen.
could have been a bit more casual, while still being direct.

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eye catching but quite shallow

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focus group
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I think something's been lost in translation, too. "I hate this day"...? Awkward.

But beyond that, it's not terribly innovative. Germs not liking World Health Day is pretty one-dimensional. They'd more thann hate it - they'd be terrified. They wouldn't be sticking around to gripe about it. "Oh no" is the stronger reaction, but even that's pretty ho-hum.

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Made me smile.
Agree with kre8 re copy sameness.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Bad art. Lazy writer. Idea not stretched.

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