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1517 pencils

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Play ball!

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These are just GREAT IN EVERY WAY.

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bright rhino
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This one is the best of the lot!

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definitely! i love this one

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I would go as far as saying these are TOPS!

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mmmmm goood

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what is this communicating??

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Seriously, I don't get all the fan-boy comments about these ads. Do you all work for the agency that made these? They look fantastic, I'll admit, but it's self-indulgent creative direction, not good advertising. What's the message here? What's the target audience? Why, if it's about the people in these ads being 'human after all', is there one about a car breaking down? Why are people who are too stupid to put a flat-pack table together good icons for your brand? What consistent brand message is 'Human after all' trying to communicate?

I''m sorry, but the Emperor has no clothes on. These lack consistency and coherent brand strategy.

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you are kidding, right?

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Not at all. They're brilliantly executed but the overarching theme is pretty weak, so they don't work for me.

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