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conceept used about a million times but still working. look at the nose. funny.

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ha ha ha funny stuff. Tthe fat chinese kid behind the door makes it funnier.

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LOL!! but every time I wana eat something I have to know the language for it?
I like italian food, greek food, indian food, spanish food, japanese and chinese food, do I have to learn all of them...???
they'd better be more convincing to make me learn a new language..
I think this ad should have been for the restaurant owner to learn some english..

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Man: "...I want, bwaaak bwaak bwaaak.."
Waiter "Chicken?"
Man: "No mushroom."
Waiter: "Why you make noise like chicken?"
Man: "Cause I can't make a noise like a mushroom."


The ad is good though.

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HA! great casting here! but what's with his left hand? he wants balls with the chicken? @ lamz: i think he's in china.. otherwise youre totally right ;)

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Nice makes ya giggle!! ;)

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

british humor from belgium

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me thinks
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hilarious...love it.

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I iuv it .kind of using simple insight

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Matthew Singapore

Is this forum active?

May i ask where was this advertisement spotted? In which medium? The newspaper or which magazines or where?

Hope to hear from anyone soon, cause i will be using this advertisement for my media studies. Thank you very much, i appreciate it.

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