CLINIC 212: Eastern European Sushi

Holiday season in Eastern Europe basically means one thing – food. This year we decided to re-imagine best and worst of Eastern Europe cuisine. Result: 21 crazy picture of Eastern European style sushi. Some of them were published as a book and sent for our clients including rich man's sushi: bottle of vodka and can of caviar.

Advertising Agency: CLINIC 212, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director: Martynas Karpovicius
Art Director / Illustrator: Aidas Sumskas
Copywriters: Mantas Velykis, Martynas Karpovicius
Photographer: Lina Gavenaite
Additional credits: Audrius Solominas, Juste Pupkeviciute, Domas Tamulionis, Edita Bazarauskaite, Tomas Nanartavicius, Ignas Falkauskas, Tautvydas Kalvaitis, Audrius Grinys, Natasa Kuznecova, Zsofia Megyeri