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Boy this is sad indeed, it looks to me as if they are trying to say "hey you don't NEED this SUV, just buy it because its cool and strong, find your own reason"

imo they should just stop making urban SUV's, nobody really needs them! it's like a 18 year old with an iPhone.
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Okay, let's get ruthless here.

This is crashingly dull, even by automotive advertising standards. Is there a point being made here? Not that I can see, sorry. Instead, it's a lame attempt to make a visual statement about (I assume) the four-wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle -- and if so, this fails utterly.

Sheessh. Compare this to the briliance of the work done in the 60s when VW was hitting its stride in the US, and this is just pathetic by comparison. VW should be ashamed.

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Sad old man. Great VW ads were made in the 70s 80s 90s and are still made. This is one of them. The fact that you don't get it is your problem, Einstein

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I would expect better from volkswagen.

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Can someone explain this to me please?

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He's in the mountain clibing gear, getting ready to hit the craigs in his VW, which apparently can go up the sides of mountains as well.

At least I think that's the idea. Qui sait?

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ok, but what does the copy have to do with what you said?

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As lame as the copy is (assuming this is an accurate translation), that's pretty obvious. Think through it; you'll figure it out. :-)

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All these people are not interested in sport (fat man, old lady, old man), but Tiguan energizes them for climb, ski and inline skating. - That's my point.

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Bluejeans...Then whats with the line 'of course your drivers need one'. Does that mean these people are drivers for the owner of the car?

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I write that off as faulty translation of the original line, whatever it might have been.

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It was done by an agency in London. There shouldnt have been a translation.

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thank the good lord for Bad Advertising!..good Advertising will leave.
this kind of nessasary Evil is Mandate!

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All these people that look at adverts everyday and work in advertising and none of them can really figure out what it's about, I'd be ashamed and humiliated if I'd posted it and got a reaction like this.

Funny that we're having to hope it's been translated badly to salvage anything from it.

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Killer Kowalski
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here is my guess: the people got the tiguan as a company car because they said they need it for the job. but of course they dont need it for the job, but to go climbing, snow boarding and so on...

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"It's a good guess, but it's not quite right."

This is great, they've turned advertising in to Catchphrase

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Passing thought: could this ad have been generated for a specific market -- i.e., corporate fleet purchases? This is one of the things that makes all of this so difficult: we dont know *how* these ads were used, whether they were print or posters or what.

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I saw this in Fleet News, a trade magazine for company car buyers.
It would make more sense if Ads of the World told us where the ads were placed, wouldn't it?

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i feel sick.
sad campaign.
say nothing, means nothing, well, this is not an ad, this is nothing.