Climate Focus Polar Fruits: Mango

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Dritte Werbeagentur, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Christoph Everke
Art Director: Alexander Nagel
Copywriter: Cosimo Möller
Junior Copywriter: Janne Sachse
Graphics: Susanne Günther, Alexandra Sänger
Photographer: Bernd Ebsen c/o karina bednorz
Retouching: die bildproduktion: Daan Reirink, Ralf Baumeister
Project Managers: Christiane Löschke, Stefanie Kandt
Production: Katy Pergelt
Published: November 2007


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If global warming happened to the extent you are portraying it would be weird to have polar bears, penguins and inuit as the brand for your fruit companies.

I like the idea overall though.

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and if we didn't have for instance dinosaurs or 'old fashioned' native americans such as Sitting Bull around today that would be weird to use in a logo as well, now wouldn't it ;)

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Jey! finally a pro global warming ad! but they need a new tagline "Less Ice, more nature!"

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I don't know - it's interesting, but it doesn't really have the impact to make people get up and do something about global warming. Non-profit organizations need to get people to act, and this doesn't seem to evoke any particularly strong feelings. "A" for originality, though.

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