Clearex: Car

Don't hide it, clear it.

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay

Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan

Creative Director: Yariv Twig

Art Director: Meron Sasson
Copywriter: Sharon Refael
Account Manager: Adam Polachek

Account Supervisor: Dana Cogan

Account Executive: Anat Ruderman
Photographer: Menachem Reiss

August 2009


jorj's picture
638 pencils

now they are more obvious.

tirthomitro's picture
2758 pencils


they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

BobAdaholic's picture
44 pencils

funny and nice

GMD10's picture
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Fresh idea for sure. Except that doesn’t make it good advertising. For instance the copy could have been better. It's a bit confusing now.

What are you hiding if you draw a tattoo around your pimple?? Shame got nothing on you.

Second, the visual suggests, probably unintended, that you can solve your zit problem by being creative. The problem is solved without the product. In such a way that it even demands respect from friends for the sense of humor.

I know a teenager wouldn’t really see a face tattoo as an option. But they will take the joke, not the brand. As the brand doesn’t seamlessly connect to the idea that drawed them in. (Only the Pac Man version does a decent job.)

mrckais's picture
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me da hueva cuando alguien escribe un comentario tan largo.
esta buena la idea, aunque no me encanto


kevgroat's picture
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whooooooo who do that to their face? that CAN make sense with women in the example of cover up make-up. i think that's what it should be using for hiding.

but really, it should be about people popping their big ol juicy zits

In1dmag's picture
78 pencils

execution could be better , but the idea is cool , so , done !

premc's picture
917 pencils

cute !!


SoCH_TO's picture
961 pencils

nice Idea !!

really cute !!

Live with Passion

Guest's picture

awesome Idea !!

rolling.stone's picture
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Liked it, Great


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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cmon people, i don't think that a teenager try to hide a pimple, its not an insight, that's why i feel a wrong focus on that. (sorry my english)

pwucel's picture
158 pencils

I perfectly like the message, its strong! Visually Ok, good if the tattoo is in color pimples can really hide he he he... No worry it will grow till it develop identity. Good work

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