Clearblue: Pregnancy test

Clearblue is a brand of pregnancy tests. This ad is created to depict the uncertainty of woman who are possibly pregnant and want an answer. This uncertainty is presented by the one symbol that represents the uncertainty and the big question together, the question mark. The question mark is turned upside down to represent this uncertainty and thus creating the image of a pregnant belly. With one image the uncertainty (the question mark) is presented as well as the brand promise of Clearblue (the answer to the uncertainty) by predicting the pregnancy.

Creative: Nick van Beijnen

May, 2010


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The 3rd pregnant question mark I saw in this month..........

Please don't do things like this any more, please......................

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Mike Max
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Seems like question mark = pregnancy in creative industry.

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Carlos Garcia
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Done to death!


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Tommy G.
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The sign placed on the other side horizontally would be better. I've seen this concept 2 times before that one. And this one is the worstest I've seen yet. It has even appeared on the Adsoftheworld's forum and students judged that it was a poor idea. Find something else, be more creative or find another job.

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???????????????????????????????????????????????????? amount of pregnant women i have.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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It was, was ... Holy shit that is spread so secondary work.

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? go to hell

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I don't care if its done - I didn't get THIS ONE!

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I don't care if you didn't get this, it has been done! And let's not say the background color is different or the question mark is thinner here... or the art direction is amazing!!!

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so many ads. so many same ads.
so many ads!!!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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did anyone else see the hook?

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In that instance I don't mind that something like that has been done already. I think the idea works really well with the product.

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thanks for explaining the whole idea by putting all that info underneath... wouldn't have understand it without it...

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done b4 :(

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