Clean air awareness: Gatot Kaca

When the sky is no longer the same
The Public Ad is presented by MARA Advertising to succeed "Clean Jogja" program

Gatot Kaca is a legendary character in Javanese tradition. It is said that the character have Superman-like ability, including great power and the ability to fly. In this ad, Gatot Kaca is portrayed with a gas mask because the Jogja air is no longer clean. This ad is posted for its interesting subject rather than for its creativity.
Agency: Mara Adv., Jogjakarta, Indonesia


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Why am i wasting my time posting on this?

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hi ^^ i'm from jakarta indonesia ^^

it's an honor to have an indonesian ads here ^^

great finding ;)


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kerja di "jentera" tapi sejak "dini" tetap "exist" bermain "petakumpet" sambil "mara-mara" tapi tetap tersenyum "simpul" di bawah sinar "srengenge" yang penuh dengan "syafaat"

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good local content. but the bad thing is, this ad needs a lot of footnote because the ad doesnt speak for itself. it doesnt have any universal elements that can make me understand as a foreigner.

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MADE in the USA
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I think the gas mask is a good universal element.
doesn't it say poisonous air in any language.

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I like this becuase unlike many 'tight', clever or slick ads, this considers the people and their lives, it seems more from the ground up, then 'imposed by the brilliant minds of art directors' down.
And thanks Ivan for the diversity. I think there needs to be more of that.

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ini kayaknya sekonsep deh dengan iklan LG Neoplasma air conditioner mask theme

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Joakim Eriksson

I'd say the gas mask is as much universal element as it can be. Even if I didnt know a thing about this Gatot Kaca character.

It just screams - keep the air clean

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by the language of it,its not universal but the image
certainly tells something. Nice but nothing new.

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jogja banget

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sori, sy gak terima klo ini jogja banget. ini tipikal orang2 kita, mengeluarkann kelokalannya secara 'mentah', hanya sekedar 'baju'. sy pikir gak cuman di jogja, di surabaya, bandung, bahkan jakartapun. mari kita blajar iklan lebih dalam..

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saya setuju sama mas syar

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all we need to do is start learning our local culture,
keep it up indo's ad

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i like this ad! its smart, and i like gatot kaca character..

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