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Make a brilliant, interactive arcade game.
Don't ask me how!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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The chances to get the prize in claw mashine are pretty low, arent they? Usually you just waste your money.

And beside that, the war looks cool here, not rescue.

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it can work really?......

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I like the concept here, but have to agree with ryzhkov,

I don't think the concept translates to the finished execution, too many problems crop up unaddressed.

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I don't agree with ryzhkov. That's exactly the point... the reality is that the organisation faces many problems all the time but that doesn't stop them from trying again and again.

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Ok, now that you put it that way, I see it with fresh eyes.

Its better than I thought, but seeing as how it could be interpreted either way, to me, it still doesn't make it any better.

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Dick Huges
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I agree with you. At least if you put money you are trying to save someone.

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Trying maybe, but its a big gamble, the odds are you won't help anyone.

You put your money in and you lose, and so do they. It makes it look like 90% of the time they fail. Not what I would want to be my message if I were IRC.

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Dick Huges
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I see your point. But i think that the idea behind is just that IRC is the claw that can pull people off conflict zones. As simple as that.

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Lets play to rescue people!

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I dunno. To me these sort of trivialize the gravity of war. I look at these and see a game. Not something war is usually associated with.

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ahahaha. the same comment? I bet you know someone related to this ad and is a little jealous.

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Fractal Rene
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wow, loved it.

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GOLD !!!

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Stephan D
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I have to agree that it is a great piece of work, but, rescuing is not a game!

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