City of Toronto: Pull tab

Apartments/Condominiums recycle only 13% of waste.

Advertising Agency: Agency59, Canada
Creative Director: Brian Howlett
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Gillingham
Art Directors: Andrew Gillingham
Copywriters: Brian Howlett
Photographer: Shang Hoon
Production Artist: Jared Smith
Published: June 2008


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OK I get it, but I don't think it's strong enough to make me want to care that much about it.

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Two art directors and STILL the idea didn't come across clear:

This one took about 4 minutes... but the other one "I got" immediately.

With the tab, I was thinking "why is it in that angle? Is it supposed to represent 13% (degrees)?"
With the cap, I was thinking why is the cap just floating there?

Merely an idea just slightly below sub-par with unbelievably horrible art direction.

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whoever said 'any' art directors can come up with an idea? :)

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you evil apartment dwellers! you should live in suburbs and mow and water your lawn, drive 2 cars and commute 40 miles each way to work. and your recycling habits, atrocious. go kill yourselves.

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A stronger call to action and image would help this message.

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The Pope
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cero everything. the art director shoud punch himself in the nose.

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