City of Rio de Janeiro: Disconnect

Disconnect, enjoy Rio.
Did you know that Arpoador has the most beautiful sunset spot in Rio? Yes, somethings can't be discovered over the Internet. Get out and come enjoy the wonderful city and it's thousands offline charms.

Advertising Agency: Instintiva, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Carlos Vargas
Art Director: Carlos Vargas
Photographer: Alberto Mendonza
Copywriter: Henrique Saint Claire
Published: August 2011

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Mytwocents's picture
194 pencils

...I think I just had a flash back to the 80's !!!

andylefty's picture
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I like the thought behind it that you can experience more in real life but at the end of the day you're using a photograph to communicate that. The top section is unnecessary.

Joynomad's picture
23 pencils

A decent idea but they are trying too hard!..... I completely agree that it would have been better with just the photograph and the copy

ronak.shah007's picture
29 pencils

totally agree with your comment !

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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kleenex's picture
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I agree,

CACAHD's picture
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bvital's picture
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i agree with andylefty, cute model though, i must say....

CommandZ's picture
2474 pencils

The dreaded See & Say rears it's ugly head yet again.

Atmosfear's picture
50 pencils

The upper half is complete unnecessary...

LuckyHope's picture
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Perhaps the key is that is about a sunset spot. The light you get in Arpoador isn´t at all the light you get from a computer screen.
(would be interesting to refer to senses)

But considering the other print, in which they don't try to do something similar, probably it's about an unnecessary upper part. Simple as that.

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