Citroën Jumper Minibus: Gorilla

Citroën Jumper Minibus. Fits everything you really care for.

Advertising Agency: New360, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Juliana Uchôa
Art Director / Illustrator: Gustavo Leite


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I am just not really seeing a quality concept here....

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I wouldn't be surprised to see this campaign in some big award shows. Nice Art Direction. Interesting way to communicate space. (I personally would have preferred if it weren't always a stomach though.)

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But it's not a stomach, it's the shape of the minibus (with a cliff inside so that the girl can jump-Citroen Jumper) :D

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The other two executions are stomachs, so I guess I lumped this one in. But you're right, King Kong never ate the woman. Thanks. Now that it's not a stomach, I don't really get what it's saying. I was never into the idea/thinking that much, but I could still see people awarding the art direction.

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Now these ads are even dumber than the Ducati ads. Ok, maybe they are equally dumb. We must be celebrating Dumb Advertising this week on aotw. I don't recall another time when so many dumb ads were posted in a single week.

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I completely agree with you. This has been the worst display of creative work I have ever seen on a site.
Makes you appreciate the sites that cherry-pick and protect our eyes.
Maybe Ivan should start implementing some quality control.

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It´s a hole at KK?

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Uhmm?? What??...I mean I get what were theyre trying to do, but I dont see how the visual was supposed to accomplish it.

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