Cities of Piran and Portoroz (Slovenia): Golden Drum

Want to see the Genius Loci? Focus on the roofs on Portoroz and Piran.

Brief: Every city has its own Genius Loci, the Spirit of the Place. But what is it? How it looks like?

Idea: Cities of Piran and Portoroz are famous due to Annual International Ad Festival Golden Drum, The Birds Reserve and famous musician Tartini, who played violin. That explains why Drum, Seagull and Violin are revealed while looking through those cities streets.

Solution: The way of revealing the Genius Loci on the posters lies in principle of Magic Eye Stereogram. You just unfocus and then focus your eyes, and that's it.

Advertising Agency: Kaffeine, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Anze Jereb
Art Director: Dima Tsapko
Illustrator: Dima Tsapko
Published: October 2010


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god distortion

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god distortion

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no no, not clear.

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The same principle:

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am I supposed to see something, like in magic eye? because I get magic eye, but i don't see anything in these.

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It's a drum, with 2 sticks… I think.


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I didn't know stereo grams where still in use. Interesting solution, but a hard read and limits the solution to pockets of viewers who can pull it off.

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not clear. executions too similar. they all look the same.

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works fine, great 3D effect. I had a few books in that style in the 80's

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Roger Keynes
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Old execution but well done... and nice to see it again.

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oh my god! i forgot how much i loved these!

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Of course, a drum

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