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I like it, think is really funny. But, the brand on the shirt is such a shame.

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I think your ad makes more sense.

This ad make me not want to use the company's service.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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i think i didnt go coz of the lines..
fake photos is not phishing..

but nice to see the idea.


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the Pun-isher
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doesn't make sense

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argh, you guys were soooo close to an idea, why stop here?

| think small |

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Olvin Rivera

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Nice Idea.
I like it.
Good Job guys!

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"Our travel is so low cost because we just stand you in front of a picture and take your photo. That you can tell your friends you did really go there even when you didn't"?
"For our really-low budget options we'll just photoshop you into a backdrop. That way you don't even have to pay for the bus fare to our office"?

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This Idea has a great potential. Mr. Fishingdogs, your idea was nice, a very clever and lateral way of communicating phishing.
Yes we know, fake photos are not phishing, but when you unpack the idea, it's actually very lateral, not to be taken literal.
This idea has serious award potential if pushed.

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