Cine las Américas Latin American Film Festival: Bill

If this is our reality, imagine our films.

Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Director: Diego Castillo
Art Director: Daslav Maslov
Studio: Círculo Asociados
Photographers: Carlos Elgueta, Andrés Cortinez
Account Supervisor: Lonnie Limon
Account Manager: Christy Kranik
Production Manager: Steve Grill
Published: April 2009


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El arte es horrible, horrible. Lo peor que he visto en bastante tiempo. El titular está bien

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What self respecting copywriter uses multiple question marks interspersed with multiple exclamation marks?!?!?!?!?!

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Ah ok, hasta el final entendí que no es exterior, sino así es el anuncio, con un formato de layout rarísimo. Igual creo que es muy malo.

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this piece of whatthefuck confirms what I think bout chilean advertising

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It is not chilean advertising, get the facts before posting. It's for the U.S.

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