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Absolutely love it.

From a creative standpoint, they could've crafted different headlines throughout the series, but those are solely for awards show people. Consumers don't give a rat's ass about how these hold together "as a campaign."

Gorgeous typography, beautiful illustration, nice use of color palette, clean and clear writing... Everything about this ad makes perfect sense unlike many other visual-only ads some creatives indulge themselves in as a form of masturbation. (Although, some no-copy ads ARE very smart and entertaining.)

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"Visual masturbation for visual only ads?"
It takes a very special eye to be able to condense 2 pages (if you're lucky) of a brief in one single visual.
Kinda condescending, don't you think so? Even coming from a copywriter...


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It just feels like I've been seeing too many no-copy ads on here that suggest the creators ONLY used their "very special eye" and not their brain in coming up with such an execution.

If a creative team decides to solve a problem only by means of showing a single visual (and logo,) that piece of communication better be super quick and CLEAR (i.e. not in any way open to interpretation) to the target audience.

Would I sound not condescending if I wasn't a copywriter? Maybe I'm really not even in the business. Maybe I'm just a regular Joe who's only interested in seeing great-looking ads that "make sense."

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These adverts are okay, but with the state of the US economy – especially within real estate – I can't imagine that these will be winning any effectiveness awards... ;)

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