Justin's picture
176 pencils

Very nice work.

Lovely line, nice art direction.

preeti_dhata's picture
85 pencils

i didnt get it :(

Rabubi's picture
560 pencils

are you serious?

chimie's picture
156 pencils

me neighter, first. really more expensive sets could help to find out the idea.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

the word "keep" doesn't fit. "protect" or some other word to demonstrate that you wouldn't lose a piece of the set to slippery dish hands.

purplesimon's picture
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Yes, you have a point there. Although 'protect' isn't right.

Do you think it would be as good an idea if it mentioned the odd cup in the shot rather than the fact that you'd want to keep the original set?

As my comment below says, I do really like this campaign whether the line is debatable or not.

ellehcimeo's picture
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i agree 'protect" isn't the right word. by no means am i a copywriter.
i also like the campaign, i should have mentioned that in my first post. it's just that darned word that's peeving me off.
i don't think the campaign would benefit by mentioning the odd cup, that could turn out too obvious, too "see and say".
thanks for the discussion!

the_ashlands's picture
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keep definitely works for me here...just ask yourself this question..what is the opposite of losing something? could it be keeping it?? i think so....

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

the opposite of losing something is finding it... or keeping it. i guess i'm stuck on the fact that the item would get broken if it slipped out of your hand, it wouldn't get lost. but i see how you might, might, say that you lost a piece of the set.
i don't think i'll ever be convinced. any rate, this is a good campaign, and i'm sure it's just me that is having a problem with the word.

the_ashlands's picture
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losing something doesnt necissarily mean you can no longer find it...havent you ever lost a pet or a loved one? they're gone, but its not as if they'd be back if only you could locate them.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

the_ashlands- I'm not following your thinking here. are you telling me i'll never find my mind again? cause i've lost my mind before and found it later. and the only way i've "lost" a pet or a loved one is that i've lost them to death, so no real chance of finding them again.
i'll tell you something, i haven't lost my crush on you! ;)

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

hahah! glad to hear it!!

exactly, a broken dish=a dead dish, and people throw dead dishes away..after the trash man comes they are no longer in possesion of them. 'keep' works just fine for me....

Toro's picture
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What you are suggesting is exactly what "keep the whole set" means.
Or do you have a different meaning of the word "keep" in mind?

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

no. i think i'm just losing my mind. happens every now and then.
here's something that just came to my lost mind: if you can't keep something, then it's been taken. not broken.

Toro's picture
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Just read your other discussion. Glad you got it cleared up!

purplesimon's picture
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If you've lost your mind, you need some super-grip gloves to keep hold of it! :-)

This discussion on the word 'keep' has really thrown up some interesting things. What I think it does show is that a good copywriter is worth his daily rate. Or her daily rate come to that. Or salary if you're employed.

I still can't decide if I like keep here, but at the moment I can't think of anything else that fits the concept, plus I'm not being paid to think about it! For a freelancer it comes down to the money!

Arisca's picture
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simple, funny, effective campaign. great art direction and good line too.

purplesimon's picture
475 pencils

Gets better the more executions I see.

copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

simple and lovely way to demostrate the product benefit. a nice –and in a some way– optimistic campaign.

mikelite's picture
1031 pencils

flat & boring.
leaves me saying "yeah, so what?"
I don't even need to look at the other two to know what I'm getting.

djspiralz's picture
491 pencils

nice =)

pd. to avoid misunderstandings, i would say "keep the set complete"

tigor's picture
48 pencils

Keep the "Keep the whole set".

It's smarter.

walkingbuddha's picture
188 pencils

Tim & Tim... how are you boys??

Nice work...

kc_brock's picture
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very nice campaign. weird product. i couldn't imagine someone wearing these gloves every time they unload the dishwasher.

& holy crap people overanalyze stuff in this industry. a mile long conversation about the meaning of the word keep. yeesh.


slim's picture
1047 pencils

Great insight, great idea, well executed.
Go Aussie.

'Keep' works fine for me.

popdistortion's picture
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It's a 'keeper'. Great campaign. Reminds me of my crockery cupboard.

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

I didn't get it, straight away.

Love ads like that. (Love clients that approve ads like that.)

Makes me WANT to work it out.

Makes me connect with the product/message.


Mission accomplished DDB.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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